A Big "Thank You!"


A Big "Thank You!"

God works things out when we can see past our own thoughts. By December of '09 our DCFHFH account was down to $3.53 and we still had another month of deer hunting in the NC gun season. I told Mike Saunders, owner of Saunders Meat Processing, that I couldn't afford any more deer processing for DCFHFH this year without more funds. As to my suprise Saunders began to tell me what he and his wife, Carolyn, had been doing to help cover some of the processing cost this year with our DCFHFH program. Carolyn Saunders had won a rifle (Remmington 870 Express 30-06 Super Mag) early in Oct. '09 at a fundraiser through their local church, First UMC in Troy, NC. This was an annual event at their church. Carolyn said God moved her heart to not only
donate the the gun but, with Mike's help, to sell tickets in order to raffle off the gun themselves. They had decided that all proceeds would go to DCFHFH for any remaining processing bills. Carolyn's actions raised $1,250.00 and paid for 25 deer processing fees. Mike Saunders also donated another 10 deer processing fees to our program for free. This paid all our processing fees for the 2009-2010 deer season. As I have told many, our program operates on little funding, but 100% faith in our Lord. We want to say a BIG "THANK YOU" to Carolyn and Mike Saunders @ Saunders Meat Processing for being the true Christians they are and I hope we can all learn from their willingness to help. God bless them both and their business (as I know he already has and will continue.)

In Christ,

Henry Morris

DCFHFH Coordinator

P.S. - By the way there is still only $3.53 in our DCFHFH account.