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** NEWS **

Special thankyou to Saunders Meat Packing for processing the most deer in 2013

Also a big thanks to Jamie Harrison and Brian Moritez at Town and Country Meats for all of their support and processing in 2013

* The 64 Hunt members have been instrumental in the success of our NC-03 chapter (FHFH)

* Special thanks to all who have contributed dollar donations and other support in 2013.

* Through these donations DCFHFH has been able to feed approx. 29,054 meat meals to date.

* Special "Thank You" story about Saunders Meat Processing.... (click here)

* Special thanks to Saunders Meat Processing for processing the most deer during the 2013 season.

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Rick Zachary won a 16lb. turkey in a recent golf tournament which he gave as a donation to our chapter. I took it a vow to raise money with this donation. God laid on my heart to ask for a $100.00 donation for this turkey. Jason Floyd, who has been very supportive of our program came by to pick up the turkey and wrote our chapter a check for $250.00 to help our NC-03 chapter. This shows just how God works through the hearts of men. Thanks be to God. Thanks also be to Rick Zachary and Jason Floyd.

In Christ,

Henry Morris DCFHFH- NC-03

** FACTS **
** One deer can feed 200 meals **
** One in five children go to bed hungry **
** Due to recent plant closings, Davidson County definitely has a great need **
"Are your kids going to bed hungry tonight?"
Your neighbors could be!

In February, WGHP Fox 8 did a segment with Henry Morris on DCFHFH



Participating food banks for 2007-2008 season

Fairgrove Family Resource Center
217 Cedar Lodge Road; Thomasville, NC
Contact: Terri Nelson / Phone: (336) 472-7217

South Davidson Family Resource Center
338 W. Salisbury Street; Denton, NC
Contact: Dianne Cook / Phone: (336) 859-5399

Davidson County Salvation Army
314 W. 9th Avenue; Lexington, NC
Contact: Capt. Kenneth Oaks / Phone: (336) 249-0336

Cooperative Community Ministries
10 W. Guilford Street; Thomasville, NC
Contact: Aurelia Sink / Phone: (336) 476-1842



** Hunters for any deer donation in 2008 please contact Chapter Coordinator
** Participating Meat Processors
** Hunters and non-hunters alike for any financial donations please click here and enter program code "NC-03" in the "Comments" box, which will directly deposit these donations into the Davidson County Chapter of FHFH
** Thank you to hunters and non-hunters for your donations which will make this program a successful benefit for the hungry county-wide in 2007 and years to come

 Hunter/Coordinator Henry Morris shares bounty with fairgrove family resource center director Terri Nelson

 The 64 Hunt Members Henry Morris & John Scott share in 2007


Henry Morris (DCFHFH Chapter Coordinator) shares bounty with Sherry Nobles of Salvation Army to help feed the hungry.

Henry Morris shares bounty with Mabel Arney of Fairgrove Family Resource Center to help feed the hungry.

Henry Morris shares bounty with Robin of Cooperative Community Ministries to help feed the hungry.


If you or your hunting club, church, business, civic group, mission programs, retailers, outfitters, or any other organization are willing to help with financial support we would greatly appreciate your help!!

Just a thought ... If all of the restaurants and grocery stores closed down tommorow, how would you feed your family? Could you farm or hunt?

"May God bless you with his bounty from the soil of the earth and the meat of the land!"

In Christ, Henry Morris (DCFHFH)