Current Fund Raiser Sponsored by: Town and Country Meats / Saunders Meat Packing. You can get your tickets for these raffels at each processors locaions.

A Big Thank You to: Judy Coggins Owner of JCs Earthgems for her donation of two sets of gemstone jewlery for this Fundraiser Event. God Bless.

A big Thank You to: Wayne Gray Owner of Discount Custom Framing for his Donation of two framed Bob Timberlake Prints for this Fundraiseing Event. God Bless.

A Big Thank You to: Sandra Gobble not pictured for her donation of two frozen turkeys for this Fundraiser Event. God Bless.

We hope that these two Fundraiser Events at Town and Country Meats and Saunders Meat Packing will raise our Chapter $1500 towards processing fees. Remebemer to all that buys a ticket / or makes a $5 donation. You all are winners~!

We sold 211 tickets of the 300 printed and raised a $1055.00 off these two meat processor raffles. Thanks to ALL who donated for a chance to win~!


"Turkey" Ray Lewis Biscoe, NC

"Jewerly" Rick Zachary Thomasville, NC

"Timberlake Picture" Glynn Hamuts Troy, NC

 "Jewerly" Kenny Little Conover, NC

Winners Not Pictured
Timberlake Picture - Donna Owen Denton, NC
Turkey Winner - Rickey Cook Denton, NC

Our current Fundraiser is for a Mossberg Grand Slam 500 turkey shotgun drawing to be held April 9th 2012. Funds Raised will help pay processor fees 2012. Ticket donation $5 per chance. Good Luck and God Bless.

Thank you to TJ's Grill for hosting the drawing on April 9th and to waitress Angie for drawing the winning ticket.

Congradulations to the Lucky Winner: Kevin Ogburn of Lexington, NC winner of the Mossberg Grand Slam 500 shotgun.

A big thank you too: David Barnes AKA Gabby at Gabby's Guns & Ammo for sponsoring this fundraiser event. Please be sure and partonize Gabby's Guns & Ammo for all your sporting needs.