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Our curent Fundraiser Raffle is for Horton 175 Ultra Light CrossBow Package. Call US or see one of our members to make a donation with chance to be The Winner. Funds Raised will help pay processor fees 2011. Good Luck and God Bless.



Waitress Angie at: TJ's Grill draws crossbow winner. 09-02-11

Congradulations to the Lucky Winner: Dr. Al Blase 09-02-11
Crossbow Winner

A Big Thank You to Owner: Eddie Peacock of Fair Grove General Store and Sporting Goods, for supplying Bow at his cost for this Fundraiser.

Sold: 299 Tickets
Raised: $1,495.00

This will Feed Aprox. 3,800 meat meals in Davidson County this Year.
Thanks and God Bless to All that donated $5 for a chance to win Bow.


Turkey Shotgun Giveaway.

A big thankyou to: Justice Shuler for hosting and drawing our winner of Mossburg Grand Slam Model 500 Turkey Shotgun. Justice hosted the drawing at TJ's Cafe'

Drawing was held on 04-08-11

Congradulations to the winner.

Winner was: Shane Decker of Lexington, N.C.
Many of you may know Shane from his work as advertisng manager and sports writer for the local Dispatch Newspaper. We are looking for some great pics of a longbeard harvested with this new shotgun. Good Luck Shane.

We also want to extend a big hand shake, pat on the back and God Bless You to Sam Everhart owner and operator of Daddy Rabbits Inc. on main street in Lexington, N.C.

Sam supplied the shotgun at his cost to help raise funds for DCFHFH Chapter.

Stop In and shop with wallet loaded. No loaded guns please. Sam can get pretty upset at times. Thanks your old pal Henry.

Fund Raiser results: 300 tickets printed, 247 sold, brought in $1235.00 less gun cost and ticket printing for a gain of: $835.00

This will help to feed over 2,800 meat meals in Davidson County this next Deer Season.

God Bless and Thank You to all who donated $5 per ticket on this Fund Raiser. You all are winners.