Pictures from trip to The Grigsby


Dick McCormick -Owner

Dick McCormick - Owner

Brian Houpt-Guide

Brian Houpt - Guide

Mike, Benny, & Jeff

Mike, Benny, & Jeff

Dagger Stud

Dagger Stud - Biggest Buck killed at The Grigsby

Mike, Henry, & Leo Smith

Mike, Henry, & Leo Smith (Co-owner)

Nick, Henry, & Brian 

Nick, Henry, & Brian in the War Room

Jimmy "The Hammer" & Dan "The Tracker"

Jimmy "The Hammer"  &  Dan "The Tracker"


To see more pictures of Mike Stroff and his 182" buck taken at The Gigsby,


Watch to see some these great bucks taken at The Grigsby / CIO

on an upcoming episode "Land of the Giants" hosted by Mike Stroff through Southernoutdoor Experience TV show.